Secwall's notes

Barman page-level incremental backups


I present experimental fork of pgbarman in this post. Some config parameters could change in merging to upstream process. Stay tuned.


I've added agent (barman-incr) which implements parallel compressed page-level incremental backups support to barman.

Quick example

I'll use CentOS 7 in this example. If ...

QuickFix Log Pretty Print


If you are using QuickFix and don't want to remember zillion of FIX tags you are in big trouble. Because messages.log often looks like this:

[2014-05-02 20:22:04.62] 8=FIX.4.4|9=263|35=X|34=10115815|49=CNTP|52=20140502-20:22:04.656 ...